COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

Denver, CO – July 16-18 2021

Sheraton Downtown Denver
1550 Court Place
Denver, CO 80202

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Changes for 2021

As you may be already aware Thunder in the Mountains event for 2020 has been canceled due to the global pandemic we are facing. As such, notification has been sent to all members who had registered for the event already as to what their options are.  If you did not receive an email please contact me at brian@thunderinthemountains.com.

With the cancellation and moving forward into 2021, there have been some modifications to the event.  Thunder was originally a 3 day event starting on Friday and ending on Sunday.  We had a large demand from our members to shift to a 4 day format starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday.  We made the attempt to give that a try, but unfortunately it did not work out.  A move to a 4 day event had numerous hurdles and added expense, but mostly in our ability to obtain venues to host the event.  Sadly, the support was not there to continue with a 4 day event and we will be shifting back to a 3 day format starting in 2021.  The hurdles we faced were centered on the lack of hotel rooms being sold at the host hotel.  Hotels were not willing to give us their space when we could not guarantee more room nights on Thursday night. Since we did not see an increase in hotel room pickups on Thursday, I was unable to secure a venue that would allow for a 4 day event to happen without large rental fees or higher room guarantees. It is unfortunate, but totally understandable as this is an additional expense for people when traveling in with an additional night at the hotel, additional food expense, possibly higher travel costs etc.  While I know everyone enjoyed having the additional night of fun, I could not continue with a 4 day format without guaranteeing at least an additional 100 room nights on a Thursday night which was not going to happen.  I am sorry that we could not continue with the 4 day format, but hopefully you all understand.  Thank you again for the support of the event, and a special thank you to everyone that stays at the host hotel as that is what truly allows the event to happen.

Standards of Behavior for Public Areas

    • No exposed breasts, genitals, or ass cracks
    • No walking of slaves or subs through the hotel on leashes, ropes or other bondage implements
    • No clothing that would overtly suggestive or provocative (ie, clothing that you would not wear to a public shopping mall/grocery store)
    • No sexually suggestive propositions to hotel staff
    • Be aware of your surroundings when discussing things of a sexual topic or nature, as we frequently are not the only people in these public areas
    • Absolutely no opening of the curtains in hotel rooms for others to see you change, have sex, or any other things that might be considered sexual in nature.  If caught you will be asked to leave and be permanently banned from the event.  There is a ZERO tolerance policy for this.
    • Be advised that the host hotel has authority to request your membership badge if you are found violating any of the above mentioned activities, or they feel you are acting in a manner not in accordance with hotel policies.  At such time you are requested to relinquish your badge to them, and the hotel will notify us of the incident and you will need to speak with the producer of the event before you regain access to your badge.

Rule of Thumb: If you have a question about whether something is proper or not, it probably isn’t. Be safe—don’t do it!  If you are caught doing something inappropriate, wearing something inappropriate or having conversations that would normally be considered inappropriate for a public area, you will be either asked to change, stop what you are doing, or to move inside the secured area.  You will only get one warning before you will be asked to leave as this has a significant impact on our ability to work with hotels to get venues.

Consent:  As always, if at any time you feel that you have concerns, feel your consent has been violated, or feel that maybe a scene you did was not what you thought it was supposed to be and have concerns, please reach out to the event producer, or any Thunder Staff members to address these concerns.  Thunder in the Mountains takes this very seriously and want to ensure that the safety and a safe environment is provided for all our members.  We know from experience that it is not always easy to bring something like this up to an event producer or even a friend, however, your courage of doing so helps to ensure the safety and well being of everyone else around you as well as the event.  If you wish to address an issue more privately you may always send an email to brian@thunderinthemountains.com

Membership/Registration Costs

Early Bird until October 31 Online Registration Closes – $120
Before May 1 – $140
May 1 and after $160
Online Registration Closes June 30.  After that date, you will need to register at the door which will be $160.

Hotel Room Rates will be $139

Membership Cancellation & Refund Policy*

Notification before May 1 -100% refund
Notification between May 1 – May 31 -50% refund
Notification after May 31 – No refund

*No Exceptions

Memberships purchased in the name of one person CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED into the name of another. You must cancel the first registration (according to cancellation policy), and the other person must register individually. You may not cancel a membership for another member even if you originally registered that person. Each individual person must contact us with their information and matching email address. Memberships are not able to be carried over to another year.  We do not allow another individual to cancel a membership for someone other than themselves. This even includes if you purchased the membership for someone other than yourself.  Once purchased the membership is now solely that persons membership and only allowed to be canceled by that individual whose name is on the membership.

Welcome From The Producer

Thunder in the Mountains is the premiere membership-only educational BDSM event that has been running since 1997. We continue to offer the best presenters, the largest play space, and the greatest staff anywhere.

Thunder begins with the commencement of our event at the hotel with our Meet and Greet gathering, followed by the first party Thursday evening.  Friday we start at noon with the Vendor Mart opening and introduction 101 types of classes, as well as information on other topics such as kink and the law, STD, sexuality, and other types of classes designed to offer beginners more insight and what to expect and overall general education for your health; and then a party in the evening. On Saturday we offer a full day of classes, presentations, and demonstrations by the best teachers in the world today. Our classes range from rope bondage, to whipping, to sexual kink play, to Master/slave dynamics and Dominance/submission, to the psychological aspects of BDSM and anything else you can think of. Classes stress not only the “how to’s” of BDSM and kink, but also stress all safety aspects that must be considered before engaging in such play. On Saturday evening, we leave this open for free social time, with our third party in our space. On Sunday, we offer another full day of classes by our presenters, as well as yoga classes, boot blacking and our vendor space.

This is an event for all types of people into all types of sexual kink and catering to all experience levels. We have classes for newbies as well as long time players. We welcome everyone who feels he or she has something to learn or is curious about. Hope to see you there.

Hotel Information

Please be aware that our room block at the hotel will sell out, and if you want to make sure you get a room, you should contact the hotel as soon as possible and make a reservation. (Click Hotel on the top bar for specific details). Credit cards will be charged two nights at the time the reservation is made, the remaining nights will be charged on check out. You will be required to book a room on Friday and Saturday night, there are no more split nights available due to many individuals not being able to make a reservation for the weekend because rooms are sold out on one night or the other and not both nights. The hotel will contact you first if the charge does not go through before canceling a reservation. Also please NOTE that if you wish to book multiple rooms please contact us at contact@thunderinthemountains.com for approval ahead of time.

You should also be aware, however, that if you do reserve a room and you decide you don’t want it, you MUST cancel your reservation before June 16, 2021, or you will be charged for two room nights even if you do not attend. This policy is to prevent people who are not sure they really want to attend Thunder from reserving rooms and canceling them at the last minute, thereby preventing others from getting rooms in the host hotel. So, reserve your rooms early, but if you don’t think you can attend, be sure and cancel them before June 16, 2021, to prevent unwanted charges to your card.

Once again, we would encourage you to make plans early so you won’t be disappointed. We expect a big crowd and our presenters are always the best in the nation. Membership in Thunder in the Mountains includes entry into the event, entry into all yearly organizational planning and meetings, and invitations to any other social events which may be sponsored during the year. Once you purchase a membership in your name, it cannot be transferred to another person. Anyone wishing to register for Thunder, volunteer, make a reservation at the the host hotel, or to apply as a vendor should click on the corresponding heading at the top bar. If anyone has any questions about the website or the event, you can email me at brian@thunderinthemountains.com. We look forward to seeing you again.