Membership Rules

Please read all of the following carefully and understand the rules around our organization.

At the door, we’ll request that you fill out a membership application to the Thunder in the Mountains, LLC group, or you may do so by completing the registration form for the event.

Below are the regulations for this membership event which you may read here to alleviate your wait time when you’re at the door!

Thunder in the Mountains is a Private, Membership-only Organization created for the Education and Participation in the Safe, Sane & Consensual Practice of BDSM.


By accepting this agreement via digital signature upon registering and through the issuance of a membership card I hereby agree to the following terms of a private membership in Thunder in the Mountains.

I hereby agree:

  1. That I understand completely the subject matter and nature of the practices of bondage and discipline, sadomasochism, power exchange between willing and consenting adults; homosexuality; bi-sexuality; heterosexuality; fetishism and other related sexual or dominance/submission activities; and the practice of safe, sane and consensual BDSM activities; and are well informed in these activities.
  2. That I further state, agree and attest to the fact that I find none of these subjects or activities to be offensive or objectionable to me in any matter.
  3. That as a member of Thunder in the Mountains I do not find patently offensive or lewd any act of sexual intercourse, any act of deviant sexual intercourse, insertion of one or more fingers or other objects into the vagina or anus of another human being, masturbation in any form, caressing or fondling the genitals of another person, representations or imitations of sexual intercourse, masturbation or excretory functions whether or not accompanied by exhibition of the genitals or the fondling in any manner or caressing the body of another person of either sex by either sex.
  4. That I am joining Thunder in the Mountains, a private organization not open to the public, and as a member of such club, I willingly and with full consent and knowledge waive and relinquish any claim, legal or otherwise, that I might make as to the offensive nature of anything I might see or experience while a member of this organization.  That should I at any time attempt to make such a claim, I would do as a means of attempting to entrap and/or solicit the coercion and/or arrest of other members of Thunder in the Mountains or as a means of embarrassing, diminishing, or injuring actual organization itself.
  5. NO ALCOHOL, MARIJUANA or any ILLEGAL RECREATIONAL DRUGS or substances of any kind may be brought into any event hosted by the organization.  Anyone who is noticeably affected by either alcohol or drugs will be denied admittance or asked to leave by Security, Dungeon Master (DM) or the event producers and may be permanently banned from the organization. 
  6. That I will never solicit for prostitution, nor consent to any form of payment for any acts done during a seminar, demonstration, meeting or gathering of any type sponsored by Thunder in the Mountains, LLC., and that I am aware that such solicitations and related activities are illegal under Colorado State Statutes and City Ordinances.
  7. That should I violate any section of this agreement, to the extent that I would be ejected I agree to forfeit my membership and fees to this private organization without any expectation of financial reimbursement.
  8. That I am at least 18 years of age and agree to carry with me both my membership card and a valid driver’s license or Government issued I.D. prior to entry  to the secured area of any event sponsored by Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. to prove my age and identity.
  9. That name listed on my registration is my true and valid name and not an alias.
  10. That neither Thunder in the Mountains, LLC., it’s officers, directors, members, Hotel or its staff, the building management or owners, nor any agents, successors, or assigns of any of the foregoing shall be liable for the arrest or any injury whatsoever to person or property incurred as a result of the attendance at or participation in any aspect of Thunder in the Mountains nor the organization of Thunder in the Mountains, LLC.  
  11. That should any audio/visual equipment, cameras or other recording devices (including cell phones) be brought into any of the privately restricted areas (including the vendor areas, all seminars, demos and the dungeons), such equipment can be immediately confiscated and all recording data immediately destroyed if said devices are prohibited in such area and time. I further agree that any such equipment brought into Thunder in the Mountains in violation of the terms of this agreement shall immediately become the sole property of Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. (whether confiscated or not) and shall be retained in ownership by Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. From that time forward. All property confiscated from any violating member may also be retained permanently by Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. Any member caught taking pictures with any device will have his/her membership immediately cancelled and will be banned from further participation at Thunder in the Mountains events and from Thunder in the Mountains membership roles forever.
  12. That by signing this Terms of Membership Agreement I agree of my own free will to all terms of the membership and that if I do not fully and completely agree with all terms of the membership, I have been requested and advised by the staff of Thunder in the Mountains not to become a member until such time as I can in good faith and with complete honestly and assurance agree to all such terms.
  13. All attendees for Thunder in the Mountains will be required to present his/her private membership badge for admittance to any events hosted by Thunder in the Mountains, LLC., and will carry a valid government ID with them at all times while in the secured areas. There will be NO exceptions.
  14. Smoking is prohibited indoors at any event hosted by Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. Smoking will be permitted only in those areas (if any) designated by the event or venue outside of all Thunder meeting space. 
  15. Food and drink (with exception of water) shall not be brought into any event hosted by Thunder in the Mountains, LLC.
  16. NO CELL PHONES of any sort will be allowed in the dungeon during any membership-only parties. Due to rapid changes in technology, Thunder in the Mountains security cannot ascertain which cell phones include cameras as part of their working equipment and which do not. For those of you who must stay in contact with family members or babysitters, please leave word at security or the front desk of the hotel, and we will make every effort to reach you immediately. Any member caught taking pictures with a cell phone or other device, or even possessing such a device will have his/her membership immediately cancelled and the equipment permanently confiscated.
  17. For the protection of everyone present, please use gloves and other safety equipment located throughout the dungeon when appropriate.
  18. Cleaning supplies are available throughout the dungeon. However, it is recommended that you bring your own supplies as we cannot guarantee supplies and may not always have supplies available.  If you do a scene involving wax, blood or urine, or a scene which results in residue of some sort please use a drop cloth or tarp. Please clean up after your scene. Leave all equipment free from sweat, blood, and other bodily fluids, wax, toys etc. Bring ANY bodily fluid contamination immediately to the attention of the DM.
  19. Normal dungeon etiquette is required.  Do not interfere with a scene unless specifically invited to do so by the participants.  Do not touch any other person or anyone’s gear without permission.  Please limit all conversation, comments and other noise to a minimum in the play space.  Do not monopolize equipment to the extent that others do not have the opportunity to use it during an event.
  20. Dungeon Monitors (DM’s) must be obeyed at all times. If you become aware of person who is breaking the rules, please notify a DM. If you are not sure of the rules or of regular etiquette, please ask your DM.
  21. By your entry into the play space you acknowledge that you have read these rules and that you understand them and will abide by them.  You also agree to assume ALL risks incident to your attendance at and participation in Thunder in the Mountains. 
  22. NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED inside the secure area of the Thunder in the Mountains space.  Thunder in the Mountains, is a private membership-only event and is not bound by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and may, therefore, disallow entry by animals of any kind for any reason.  Our only exception to this rule is for seeing-eye dogs for the visually impaired.  All questions regarding entry by ANY animal may be approved ONLY by the event producer.  If you need such clearance for a service animal please contact us ahead of time to obtain such clearance at and include Service Animal in the subject line.

I further understand and agree that Thunder in the Mountains is a private membership organization and that the privacy of all members of Thunder in the Mountains is of paramount importance to such members. For that reason and as part of the binding terms of my membership, I represent and agree that I am not joining Thunder in the Mountains nor attending this event as a news/media/broadcast reporter, investigator, or gatherer of facts and information for any news/media/broadcast outlet in any capacity. If I should divulge to any news/media/broadcast organization or to any reporter or media representative of such organization anything I see, hear, hear about, participate in, or photograph while attending this event as a member of Thunder in the Mountains, whether or not the actual personal privacy of any member is actually violated, I hereby recognize and agree that it would be impractical and extremely difficult to estimate the damages that Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. might incur for such membership violations and disclosures of its private organization.  Therefore, I agree that a reasonable calculation of the total damages that Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. would suffer in the event of such disclosure is and shall be, as the sole and exclusive remedy and not as a penalty, One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) as the Liquidated Damages Amount.”  I recognize and agree that in the event of any publication, disclosure, or media release whatsoever, the news/media/broadcast outlet and I shall each be held separately liable to Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. For the total Liquidated Damages Amount of One Million (1,000,000) as specified Above.

By accepting this membership agreement/waiver, I swear my complete agreement and acquiescence to all terms stated above.

Lastest revision: 09/21/2019