Presenters 2020

Mufasa Ali

Mufasa Ali has been a dedicated member of the leather community for more than 25 years! He is the founder of the Men of ONYX, ONYX National Council Chairman, Patriarch of Mufasa’s Pride, Leather History Preservation Foundation founding Board Member, Mr World Leather 2006/2007 and the ONYX Leatherman 1997.  Mufasa  has received many awards including the Pantheon of Leather Marcus Hernandez Life Achievement Award, the Chuck Windemuth Mentorship Award at Mr. Chicago Leather Weekend, the Vi  Johnson Community Leadership Award and the BlackBeat Leadership Award.  He is the founder of the People of Color Caucus at IML & BlackBeat, the Leatherman and Leatherwoman of Color titles and a nationally known leather community speaker and  educator/presenter on such topics as People of Color in Leather, Impact play, Leather Family, Leather Protocol, Spirituality & BDSM, Community Leadership and Diversity.  Mufasa is a Husband, Daddy, Dad, Papa, Sir, Son and Brother to his leather family and honors them as his village of support.

Race, Gender and the BDSM Community

Explores the current issues of race and gender diversity in the leather and kink community. Can be a moderated panel or an exploration of current issues.

When the New Guard speaks, Who listens?

An exploration of Old Guard, New Guard and Next Guard ideology in the leather and kink communities

Laura Antoniou


Laura Antoniou’s rambling publishing career started with creating and editing the groundbreaking gaming/ media magazine Gateways, back in the 80s, followed by her work on the People With AIDS Newsline for several years during those dark days. Now, she’s better known for her kinky erotica, especially for the Marketplace books, a series of BDSM themed noted for the diversity in the ensemble cast and well outside the tropes of romance
novels. The Killer Wore Leather, her first mystery novel was a thinly disguised tribute to Bimbos of the Death Sun – except the convention being lampooned is a kinky gathering of leather enthusiasts. Her most recent releases include Silk Threads, a collaboration with fellow perverotti Cecilia Tan and Midori! She’s been teaching human sexuality topics for decades, but lately, she’s been combining her passions in a series of workshops themed “Get Your Freak On With Your Geek On,” because compartmentalism is annoying. and geeky sex is fun sex. She’s a knee-jerk, bleeding-heart, tax-and-spend, queer-as-possible Jewish feminist. Keep up with her or hit block/ignore at:,,

Level Up Your Kink

Whether you’re an old hand looking for some inspiration or relatively new and trying to figure out how you want to negotiate the world of kinky sex and relationships, there’s one thing most people already know how to do where we can find some great tools – after, all, we DO call it play, don’t we? So take some cues from games and game theories and strategies to help getting you toward feeling like a winner! Whether you’re shooting enemies, matching candy, finding words or even sitting down to engage other people in tabletop games, you already know many concepts that can help make the kinky kind of play more FUN. Remember fun? This is supposed to be fun. Dice, cosplay, device controllers and other gaming accessories not necessary.

Ask Me If I Care; Tough Love for the Kinky

Created in response to the informal (and sometimes impromptu) Q&A sessions after readings, this is an interactive opportunity to talk with the author of the Marketplace series. Ask anything you want – about the scene, relationships, play-styles, trends, whatever. But don’t expect sugar-coated answers: this is Tough Love for tops, bottoms, couples and/or other groupings. Dear Abby can take a hike; Laura may not care, but she respects the community enough to tell the truth formed of 30 freaking years of experience and far too many confessions. Questions may be taken in advance or submitted anonymously at this discussion.

Boss Boar

BossBoar is a polyamorous dominant who combines years as a martial artist and paramedic with a passion for amateur psychology and generally terrible things. He has been described as a “hardcore sadist,” “you motherfucker,” and “oh god, please no no no!” He likes to design scenes with the intention to terrify. Over the years, his efforts resulted in every response from “he may actually be a sociopath” to “that’s so sweet!”… sometimes in the same scene. He draws from his professional and personal experiences to create classes that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND

His particular interests are rough body play/pressure points, knives, electricity, fear, humiliation/degradation, D/s, and all things power related.

He teaches classes on:

  • Pressure points
  • Setting the Scene
  • Dark Interrogation
  • And more!

He has previously presented for the SF Citadel,, SF Foundations, and Dark Odyssey: Surrender.

Feeling the Pressure: A Pressure Points Class

Go hands on! Pain and power are at your fingertips with this class on pressure points. By perverting years as a paramedic and martial artist, BossBoar will teach you to skip the impact play and directly access your partner’s nervous system using only your hands. Regardless of size, learn to leverage body mechanics to leave any bottom writhing in pain. Never leave home without your toy bag again!

This will start with a short demo, followed by a comprehensive lecture on the components of a pressure points scene, ending with a practice session. This will be heavily hands-on! Be sure to come hydrated and energetic. He highly recommends tops/switches bring a partner, as much of the class will be practicing locating and applying pressure points. Bottoms are encouraged to attend to learn more about the pleasures and potential pitfalls of this unusual style of play.

The Senses in Setting the Mood

Doing a sensual flogging or that pirate kidnapping scene? You can’t just grab a flogger or throw on an eye patch. Before you get to the pain and pleasure, you have to set the mood. This class will teach you how to manipulate the senses and direct focus to create the most immersive experience possible for both the top and the bottom. Boss Boar will cover concepts such as:

  • Scene as a story
  • Negotiation to achieve your mood
  • Using the five senses

But don’t expect to just be lectured at. This is your chance to workshop your fantasy with a room of imaginative kinksters. You’ll be given opportunities to discuss your various fantasies and ways to create the atmosphere you want.

Carter Brulee

Carter is a switchy, pansexual, polyamorous, trans boy passionate about education and dessert. He walked into his first munch at 18 years old and has been hooked on the community ever since. Carter describes himself as a bottom leaning switch with a love of silly and playful scenes, from both the top and the bottom. He has a bubbly personality and an enthusiasm for education that he brings into all of his teaching endeavors. Carter has taught for various local and national kink organizations and has taught various sexuality-related topics (including polyamory, kink, consent, and negotiation) for academic institutions.

Invisible Bruises: Emotional First Aid

When considering risk profiles and preparedness people often consider the physical risks of their play; less time goes into the emotional risks of play. Sometimes we have done everything “right” and yet a person is somehow triggered by something unexpected or drops hard (be they a top or a bottom). This workshop focuses on strategies for preparing in advance for negative emotional outcomes (expected or unexpected) and will walk through practical skills for managing distress. Skills learned in this class can be applied to yourself or your partners and loved ones. (Carter holds an MS in Clinical Psychology).

Better Submission Through Science: The Psychology of Behavior Modification

Have you ever wanted to change your partner’s behavior in some way but did not know the best way to approach it? In this class, utilizes his academic training in psychology to adapt well researched principles of behavior modification to kink applications. From classical conditioning, to methods and schedules of reinforcement, this class discusses effective techniques for getting your desired responses as well as concrete strategies for developing effective systems to change and shape behavior.



Edge is an author, artist, mentor, teacher and hard core player from Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 30 years of experience in the scene. His erotic stories have appeared in print and online, and he has also written columns for GMSMA’s Newslink and All American Kink. He has given presentations for GMSMA, Leatherfest, TES, TNG3, Black Rose, TES’s Queer SIG, TES Fest, Leather Retreat, South Plains Leatherfest, International Ms. Leather, Beyond Leather, Lupercalia, and the Southeast Erotic Cultural Conference, and is thrilled to be presenting once again at Thunder in the Mountains, where he last presented over 15 years ago. As his name and online moniker would suggest, he enjoys a wide range of edge play activities, from breath control to weapon sex to anesthesia and knockout play, though he also has a passion for stogie scenes, clean classic Japanese hemp rope bondage, and prolonged, intimate inner thigh beatings.

The Mind is the Best (W)hole to Fuck: Mindfuck, Erotic Terrorism, and SM

Endorphins aren’t the only body chemical that can be put to good use in SM play–adrenaline is too. This program will explore mindfuck and playing with fear. It introduces the concepts of mindfuck and erotic terrorism, differentiating them from related terms such as mind control, head games, and interrogations. It covers some of the appeal of this kind of scene, some general guidelines on creating a mindfuck, and the risks and dangers involved. Because mindfucks are always unique, this program does not emphasize concrete technique; instead, the goal is to think about some basic elements of the dynamic that can be adapted to a variety of scenes. This is my signature class, I guess, though I haven’t taught it at Thunder since 2004 (!).

Inner Thigh Beating; Or, Intense Ritualistic Pain for Dummies

I first got into beating inner thighs because, simply, I didn’t have any skills with whips or floggers, didn’t have the time to acquire them, but sure as hell knew how to make a fist and sink it into flesh. Since then, though, I’ve come to appreciate the unique advantages of this sort of pain scene in terms of intimacy, intensity, rhythm, and ritual. In this program, we’ll cover the appeal of an inner thigh beating, discuss a variety of implements that can be used (besides good ol’ fists), walk through the pacing of such a scene, and consider the wonderful possibilities and after effects.

Nick Elliott

Nick was International Mr Bootblack 2012, but still does boots all over the country, and believes that by taking care of your leather, he’s taking care of you.

Nick is a US Army Veteran who lives in Portland, Oregon. He has a wife, a Daddy, a boyfriend in Edinburgh, and a Spiritual Sir on the side. Nick describes himself as a bi-poly-pagan-kinky-gamer-geek (or “slut” for short). He switches for impact and rough body play and loves to bite. He is also turned on by bears, armpits, gloves and cigars.

Blah blah, bunch of other stuff he’s done in the community and things that make him seem way more important than he is.

P.S. Everything is better with Googly eyes.

Bootblacking from A to Z

Learn to care for your leather and boots, initial instruction and technique, then work on items together. Bring your leather, your questions and as much kit as you have and prepare to share.

Bacon Bites

With flagrant application of class provided bacon we will learn together how you can bite anyone anywhere, its just how hard. Bring a friend to help you practice on.


An Internationally known presenter and author, FifthAngel literally wrote the book on the use of pressure points in BDSM, “The Finer Points of Pain and Pleasure.” Over the years he has judged leather contests, founded MAsT Jacksonville, travelled extensively teaching hundreds of BDSM classes, contributed to other BDSM books, written numerous articles and has even been on the receiving end of the camera for professional photographers in BDSM.

His second book titled, “Your Pain, My Pleasure – Inside the Mind of a Sexual Sadist” brought to the community a number of controversial subjects rarely talked about in public before. On the back cover are words written by the editor: “Simply put, he derives sexual pleasure from causing people pain. He offers no excuses, no apologies, no rationalizations – that’s what he does and why he does it.”

Interestingly enough, FifthAngel has a very spiritual side to him. He expands his knowledge and experience into piercing rituals, and personal healing through rites of passage. As well, he and his wife Katie are best recognized for their transcendent connection in their scenes, despite her obvious suffering.

Often sought after to present topics that push the boundaries of sadism, the edge and the extreme, he considers it an honor to share what he knows and who he is. With a background in martial arts, an array of weapons training and medical knowledge, he feels an obligation to the BDSM community to promote safety amongst those who attend his classes.

Extreme Medical Scenes

We are leaving the pretty nurse and doctor costumes in the laundry and it is about to get REAL. This is the presentation you heard about that sends participants out the door and into the bathroom. Vomit bags are recommended for the squeamish. We are all about getting invasive with our “medical play.” This is not a how-to but a where-you-can-go-and-how-far with proper education, knowledge and imagination…and a little dash of sadistic mind thrown in. Yep, you will see some fucked up shit.


Gasping for air, your chest heaving, every curve of your body gripped in water soaked clothing…this is WATERBOARDING. One of the more common fears in life is not being able to breathe. That essential struggle to live and fight when deprived of this simple requirement can be one of the greatest challenges you will ever face. To consent to have this single element removed should not be taken lightly and without education. A technique used to extract information; we crash into the eroticism of sadism and psychology of survival.

Mark Frazier

Mark Frazier has been involved in the Leather, Kink and BDSM Lifestyle for well over 3 decades.   One of his passions is living, sharing, learning and teaching “kink” history and BDSM experiences.

He believes those passions allows him to learn and grow with each passing year.

Mark has had the privilege of owning several leather and gay nightclubs, Kink Events, being a “Titleholder” and setting on the board of numerous organizations. He currently holds and have held and memberships on numerous, prominent local, regional and International organizations.

Through the years Mark has been honored with many local, regional, international and lifetime achievement awards and accolades.

He is looking forward to getting back to “basics” with like-minded (or not) individuals who may or may not share the same passions.

He returns to home to Thunder in the Mountains, where is has taught every year since its beginning.

Mina Hart

A self identified, fiery femme, Miss Mina Hart began her public life in the Denver BDSM community in June of 2006. Her first dungeon experience was on her birthday and on the cracking end of a singletail. She hasn’t looked back since.

Mina began her experiences as an insatiable bottom. As a lifelong masochist, she explored every type of play the scene had to offer with a smile and a hunger for more. She learned many of her bondage skills from Master Robert of Denver Bound and is truly grateful for his instruction. She quickly found that her true loves were rope, hypnosis, needles, and whips and set out with the purpose of learning as much as she could about each of them.

In 2010, Mina became a professional switch for Pavlovia. After having completed a one year apprenticeship under Ms Saskia, she accepted a permanent position as a staff member of as a professional switch. She has learned and grown greatly with that experience, most notably being her comfort and joy in domination. Her skill set has grown exponentially during her experience and she continues to strive to add new skills to her portfolio. Miss Mina’s areas of expertise include bondage, medical play, forced fem, humiliation, whips and hypnosis.

Mina is a graduate of the Journey and Leather Quest and was the junior Headmaster of the Journey class of 2016. She was the President and co-founder of the Salt Lake City girls of Leather and the founder of Meow Mixx- a queer women’s bar night. She also created the Salt Lake City Clubhouse Library. Mina is currently working on the Women’s Leather History Project and is the creator and founder of the Colorado Leather Library- a blossoming lending library serving all of the Colorado kink community.

She is a trained hypnotist, a previous mentor in the Colorado Submissive Mentor’s Program, filmed with Discovery for Forbidden, is executive staff for Sin in the City, and has taught at SKALES, The Crypt, COLLAR, Colorado Leather Fest, Sin In The City Las Vegas, Leather Fiesta New Mexico, Behind Closed Doors Tucson, Path Salt Lake City, Shamrocks and Shenanigans New Mexico, The Hive Boise, Beyond Leather Ft. Lauderdale, Journey Las Vegas, Journey San Francisco, Leather Quest Salt Lake City, Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance, Rocky Mountain Rebellion, Flogfest Salt Lake City, Kinky Karnival Kansas, and Revelry Reno. She has performed rope demos at The Sex and So Much More Show, Tracks, Exile, The Ascension Ball, AASECT, and Denver Back Alley

Never happy being still, Mina often volunteers for events as well; including Thunder in the Mountains, Colorado Leather Fest, Sin in the City, Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather, Beyond Leather, Domcon, and Rocky Mountain Rebellion. She is often a very willing top or bottom for various types of demos, travels to many events and can often be found
anywhere a hard point is.

Pretty in Pink: Getting in Touch with His Feminine Side

Is it such a surprise that so many men have thought what it would be like to walk in her shoes for a day? Why not just ask Dustin Hoffman? OR…..make that kinky man clean your house from top to bottom in heels and a sexy negligee. Nothing teaches you to walk in a pair of heels like wielding a vacuum. In this class we will look at the different motivations and impulses that make up this often misunderstood fetish.

Up In Smoke (tentative, this class may change due to the location and content within the class)

Cigar play is a fantastic way to add a little heat to your play. In this hands-on class, we will explore the many options to add a little spark to your cigar experience. We will also go over the basics of choosing, cutting, and lighting a cigar.

Lady D

Greetings. Many of you know me but for those of you who do not; my name is Reverend Deborah Harrison but I am better known as Lady D. I am a Lifestyle Domme and the owner of D&S Lifestyles Inc. I am an ordained minister, a counselor and consultant and a certified Master Hypnotherapist and I truly believe in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. In all of these capacities; I counsel and help those in complimentary lifestyles acknowledge their divine nature and accept who they truly are. For almost fourteen years I was the leader of P.E.P Atlanta (People Exchanging Power), a pansexual support and social group. This organization hosted weekly discussions and demonstrations. Support and a safe play space to help educate those interested in power play relationships. In 2001, I created PEP4POC (People Exchanging Power for People of Color) an inclusionary group created to Enlighten, Empower and dispel myths and misconceptions concerning BDSM and People of Color. I founded Onyx Pearls Southeast in 2006 and am a past president and organizer. I also helped to relaunch OPSE in 2015. Onyx Pearls Southeast is a women’s organization focused on empowerment, female camaraderie, community awareness and community service. Onyx Pearls Southeast is the sister organization to the Southeast Men of Onyx and many other Onyx Pearls chapters have been birthed. I was also Ms. Southern Coastal States Leather from 2000 to 2012. In September 2008 at the P.E.P. five year reunion, my Mistress and Mentor the Duchess publicly declared me as her protégé and as an additional honor, awarded me a cap belonging to her Mentor and friend Frank Puckett.

My vision has evolved since I first entered this Leather lifestyle journey almost 30 years ago. In the beginning my dream was to create an atmosphere of education and comfort regardless of gender or sexual. P.E.P. began as a heterosexual group with little to no tolerance and through the years it evolved to include all and developed a community consciousness. P.E.P was always about sharing my home to create a family atmosphere, mingle, learn and enjoy one another. Now without the constant responsibilities of P.E.P.; I feel that I can give more to my community and the individuals in it. My path now is to continue to educate and enlighten and to help bring healing to those doing detrimental and destructive things in our community and the world at large. I want to help them heal and achieve dignity, acceptance and live up to their full potential. I am now free to educate, share my knowledge and mentor those who have a sincere hunger and thirst for this lifestyle. I will continue to serve in whatever capacity that I am needed, as an educator, therapist or speaker. I may also perform ministerial duties such as counseling, weddings, baptisms and commitment ceremonies. My personal commitment is to help make this community better and stronger and to continue Jill Carter’s philosophy of “Each One, Teach One”. I offer my services if you would like me to teach, judge a contest or be a guest speaker. I can be reached at the information on this site. Please remember to give your money, your time and your love to all of those in this community that selflessly give to you. I am eternally grateful to those that have helped me in my journey and now I just want to have the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’.

Consensual Non-Consent! No Boundaries, No Limits, No Safe Words and No Veto Power. Oh My!!!!!

Consensual/Non-consent refers to the type of agreement made based on Dominance and submission between the Dominant and submissive party, stipulating that the submissive has consented to the Dominant’s decisions and puts him/herself in the care of the Dominant. The submissive parties in these types of situations typically relinquish personal freedoms and rights to the Dominant’s discretion/will. During what might seem to be a ruthless forced control scene, sensitivity to the delicate balance between the demands of the fantasy scenario and the actual mental/physical state of the willingly helpless victim is essential. It is necessary for the Controller of such a scene to sustain the energy and atmosphere. It is often necessary to improvise while following a predetermined plan. One must anticipate needs while monitoring change in emotional climate. It can be a real bear deciding whether to push the scene ahead or ease up temporarily…much like walking a tightrope. This class will keep you on the edge of your seat.

TABOOS: Exploring the Politically Incorrect

We have a saying in this lifestyle, “Never say NEVER!” and if you remain in this lifestyle long enough, you may try many things that you thought that you never would. For many, one of the things that we enjoy is pushing the boundaries and exploring places that we would never want to go in the ‘real world’. We reach into ourselves, many times accessing our darker side and when we let that untamed side out; we find out much about who we are and those around us. Playing with “forbidden fruit” as my dear friend calls it, can be enlightening, enticing, entertaining and surprisingly enjoyable. It can also be daring, debilitating, deadly and dangerously detrimental if you’re not careful and understand what you are doing. Tapping into some of those taboos depends a lot on your upbringing and your life experiences. This is very much a ‘stay in the moment’ type play and may be quite difficult for some to watch as well as quite surprising to those that think they will be repulsed and instead are excited and fascinated. Come and delve into the realm of the things that make some squeamish and explore this type of play with me.

Lorena Lucille

Ms. Lorena Lucille is a therapeutic role-play facilitator in Boulder, CO.  In cooperation with traditional talk therapists at The Ministry of Boulder, Ms. Lucille physically engages with clients’ kinks and fetishes.  By doing so, she helps couples and individuals to gain the most out of their alternative forms of sexual expression, improving their lives and relationships.

LONG-DISTANCE LOVING – Tools for Remote BDSM Relationships

There’s nothing like being on your knees with the feel of your Master’s hands as he reaches behind your head and winds your hair in his fingers.  Suddenly he grips hard at the nape of your neck and pulls your head back.

Could you all feel it as I described it just now?  That is your imagination.

For those with the unlocked talent of imagination already in gear, it can be an extremely helpful tool when struggling with loneliness in a distance relationship.

For those that need help developing their imagination, this class will assist people with tools to unlock one’s innate creative imagination. We will then learn how to employ creative imagination, along with other tools, to heighten connection between partners in a long-distance relationship.


Website: Rope Bondage Dojo

Midori is a renowned educator and writer on sexuality. Dubbed “the super nova of kink” by Dan Savage, she emerged from the Sex Positive Movement in San Francisco in the early 1990’s, soon becoming a much sought after international presenter on sexuality, personal fulfillment and kinky adventures.

Founder of ForteFemme: Women’s Intensive, Midori leads workshops, lectures, and weekend intensives as well as educational and arts programs to enhance creative living, fulfillment, and collaborative leadership from the bedroom to the boardroom. Through her programs, thousands of attendees of all genders and orientations have tapped into greater joy, confidence, consent, & personal accountability in their lives.

Her decades of Sex Positive instruction started in the 90’s through HIV education and Smarter Sex outreach. Since then she’s authored many books and articles, including “The Wild Side of Sex” and “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” the first English language instruction book on Shibari.

Midori is also a passionate multidisciplinary artist She has presented at TEDx SoMa, curated a large event at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and continues to exhibit her art internationally. She is currently available for private coaching as well as leading personalized, private tours of her home country, Japan.

To learn more about her, visit:

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Vimeo – @PlanetMidori
FetLife – Midori

PlanetMidori Podcast Diary

Thista Minai

Thista Minai is an educator, author, priestess, ordeal facilitator, and gleeful sadist. She uses her professional background in education to create high quality classes on a wide variety of topics, including sacred sexuality, the ordeal path, catharsis, impact, and needle play. With more than fifteen years of experience in designing and conducting rituals, Thista travels the country championing the value of spirituality and empowerment in kink and BDSM.

Suffering for Spirit: Empowerment Through Ordeal

What is Ordeal, and what does it offer? What is the difference between an Ordeal and any other intense or spiritual scene? In this class we’ll take a panoramic view of Ordeal, touching on the theory behind Ordeal rituals, and exploring the many ways in which agony can lead to transformation and empowerment.

Cathartic Flogging

Catharsis is a process of release, purification, and relief, whereby one is rid of repressed emotions and energies. Come learn how flogging can elicit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual catharsis. This workshop does not focus on technical flogging skills, so please have some knowledge of the fundamentals.


Raised in the womb of Colorado’s mountain majesties, Nil is a trans non-binary, queer witch, rope bender, and curator of spiritual-sexual synchrony. Nil is of both the earth and the celestial, carved from the rigid geometry of crystal formations, and cradled in the craters of the moon. They are consecrated as one with the mystic and the erotic, interweaving the sacred into practice and play, and are a proud purveyor of all things creepy and curious.

Nil first found love in the natural fibers of a well-spun rope while at Girl Scout camp, and they’ve been tying ever since. Nil appreciates all ends of the rope as a rigger, self-suspender, and artistically masochistic. Always a crystal in one hand and rope in the other, Nil regards kink as the ultimate artistic catharsis and uses their craft to banish gender, fracture binaries, and conjure queerness to challenge the norm.

Their classes take on the quality of the “why” behind what we do with a penchant for digging deep into our intimate emotional and interpersonal experiences in kink, building community, and giving participants permission to get weird. As an advocate for infiltrating the kink community with radical expressions of gender and identity, Nil endeavors to surge the presence of queer and non-normative bodies in BDSM culture.

Knotty Queers

Too often, queer and trans bodies don’t fit within the aesthetic expectations laid out by the glossy pages of popular rope manuals. Further, common Shibari and Western ties aren’t always physiologically suitable for queer bodies. This workshop offers

queer alternatives for some common ties that work more efficiently on bodies that don’t reside within the gender binary. Discussion surrounding increasing queer advocacy and shattering gender stereotypes in rope will be interwoven throughout.

Porcupine Quills

The art of using porcupine quills as a sadistic and sacred implement dates back for centuries. This class will cover how to safely and effectively use American porcupine quills in BDSM to create a dynamic sensual, spiritual, and sadistic scenes. We will review the protocols of using this delicate animal-based implement, discuss ethical use of porcupine quills, and explore the energetics of a scene using these implements. Explore the unique sensory experience of these alternative sharps and walk away with a working knowledge of how to add porcupine quills to your toolbox.

Bella Rosa

Bella Rosa is a Colorado native, professional do-gooder, heart-centered attorney, transformative consultant, compassionate coach and fierce advocate.  She has a history of serving some of the most vulnerable communities in Colorado with extensive experience in poverty law, nonprofit management, legislation, conflict resolution and disability law.  She has seen first-hand how trauma impacts access and equality. She believes strongly in community equity building, particularly for sex positive communities and works to empower them to stop cycles of trauma and shame.

Her experience with trauma is also personal. In 2006 she was outed by political opponents and publicly shamed for her bisexuality and ethical involvement in sex positive communities. In her classes she transforms these hurtful experiences into lessons about inclusivity, consent, acceptance and self-actualization. She has likewise used this influence to gain wider acceptance for sex positive communities through trainings she developed for COVA (Colorado Organization for Victims Assistance), the Denver City Attorney’s Office, and more.  She has taught at PolyLiving, Beyond the Bedroom, Puppies in the Mountains, StarFest and Myths & Legends Con and appeared most recently on the Queers Next Door (recorded at Thunder!) and On the WetCoast podcasts.

Bella is a proud Chicanx, bisexual, polyamorous switch. She is a former board member for LeatherMagick, Shiny Garden and the GLBT Bar Association of Colorado. She also served as a judge for the Mr. Leather Colorado 2011 competition. She is known for her playfully spiritual take-down scenes with her partner of 12 years, KettleFu. She is an avid Geek and is particularly happy to discuss the deeper meanings of Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Star Wars. She is currently developing a book about how sci-fi and fantasy have influenced our ideas about sex, love, family and friendship. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram @sharpsweetbella and her blog:

In Support of Safe Spaces: identifying and responding to abuse disguised as BDSM

“Everything we do is based on consent” is often the rallying call to distinguish what it is that we do from abuse in the vanilla world. However, even with this, people in our community, whether experienced or new have continued to experience trauma and report abusive practices.  And despite our best intentions our community often responds negatively to survivors, perpetuating victim blaming myths and drawing exclusive lines in the sand without any hope of recourse. In this class we’ll distinguish happy, healthy BDSM from abuse disguised as BDSM, break down the myths that often prevent proactive responses and identify ways we can create safer spaces for all players.  (Content warning: frank discussions of interpersonal violence, perpetrator behavior, sexual assault and trauma).

Getting to an Enthusiastic Yes!: A consent refresher to level up your negotiation, play and aftercare skills.

This interactive class will present attendees with new tools, insights and experiences to use in negotiating their modern play dynamics. Topics covered: saying/hearing “no”, safeword safety zones, wants vs. needs, boundaries vs. limits, trauma-informed communication practices, interest-based negotiation for the pick-up scene of your dreams, green and red flags. Whether you’re new or experienced, these tools will help you have the confidence to not only know what you want, but to say no when the scene isn’t right for you.

Stefanos & Shay

Website: Stefanos and Shay

Stefanos & Shay are a vivacious, unconventional D/s couple whose entertaining, information-packed classes have been called “better than a Vegas act.” Shay is the author of Tying & Flying, the first-ever book on self-suspension; Stefanos is the CEO of Bondage-a-Go-Go and Steward of The Upper Floor on They identify as pansexual polyamorous playsluts, purveyors of perversion, and alliteration fetishists! In between traveling internationally to present and perform, they are based in San Francisco, where they host over 60 events a year (including BENT, Twisted Windows, Self-Suspension Open Space, & Bondage-a-Go-Go) and were named King & Queen of Pervert’s Prom in 2006!

Master Taíno

Master Taíno has been active in the Leather community for more than a quarter century. He has a Leather Family of 13 members and a household with one live-in slave. He has been the owner of slave Paul since 2010.

He founded MTTA, Inc. (, a non-profit organization that runs MTTA Academy as well as the annual Master/slave Conference (MsC) (among other programs. He has been the Executive Producer of MsC since its inception in 2004.

He has presented workshops around the country since 2001 and has been a keynote speaker at Black Beat, the Leather History Conference and Behind Closed Doors. He is a contributor of the book “Our Lives, Our History”, an anthology of the history Master/slave Relationships throughout the centuries. He also published his memoirs in Spanish in 2017 and it’s being translated into English.

He has been honored with the “Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award 2019”, the “Vi Johnson Award 2012”, the Pantheon of Leather’s “Man of the Year 2011 Award”, the “Master Steve Golden Paintbrush Award 2011”, the “Jack Stice Memorial Award 2010”, the “Black Rose Vaughn Keith National Educator Award 2009”, among others.

He has been a member of Defenders Leather Levi Club since 1993 and served as President for three years (2002-2005), and he has been an Associate member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic since 2013. He also founded MAsT Washington in 1999, one of the oldest chapters.

Master Taíno has a very comprehensive website: He can be reached at

If BDSM is not about pain, then is about what?

BDSM Is mostly associated with Sadism and Masochism, the idea that we get sexual and erotic pleasure from inflicting or receiving pain. Master Taíno believes that most BDSM practitioners are not really sadists or masochists. During this class, he will talk about other dimensions and components of the BDSM practice and how can be used to better our lives and our relationships.

The ABC of Master/slave relationships

Master Taíno provides an overall summary of what Master/slave Relationships are all about, aimed particularly for those that may be interested in embracing this dynamic. We will discuss topics like communication, protocols, styles, multiple-slave households, polyamory versus monogamy, expectations, challenges, etc. This class welcomes active dialogue with the attendees and questions are welcomed.