Titleholder Comp Membership Information

Available Memberships Left: 9 out of 10

You must register before July 1

Thunder in the Mountains has been supporting titleholders over the years by providing them with comp memberships to Thunder in the Mountains.  These are available to any current year titleholder that is interested in attending Thunder to represent their title.  While I do not require titleholders to do anything during the event, it is recommended that you do socialize and promote your title.  This could be just wearing your vest, sash, or other items that represent your title or region and brings visibility to both your title and yourself.

The reason I provide comp memberships to current year titleholders is the fact that you already have a huge expense when assuming a title, and this in a small part helps get your title out there and seen at some level without the extra expense of a membership registration.

If you are a Bootblack titleholder, again I do not require you to black boots during the event, but it is highly recommended that you volunteer to do this, as this gives your title exposure and allows you to interact with people from all over the world, especially if you are running for larger international title.

If you are running for another title during/after your current year I highly recommend that you get the visibility out there because you never know who might be a judge.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds if not thousands of titles out there, and while I try to do my best to accommodate every titleholder with a comp membership, I do have a cut off point of 10 titleholder comp memberships for the year.  If you are planning on attending the event then please contact us, but please do not grab a comp membership and then not show as you might be bumping someone else from receiving a comp membership who can actually come.  I understand that plans change as well, so if you already have been comp’ed a membership and find you cannot attend please let me know so I can cancel it and give it to someone else if we are maxed out.  Below are the conditions that you need to meet and send in to registration@thunderinthemountains.com

  1. Your title must be for the current year of Thunder in the Mountains.  This means that your title must have been obtained prior to the current year’s event, and after the prior year’s event.
  2. You must send in the name of your title and the year you are representing.
  3. You must send in the region for which your title covers.
  4. Website link to your title’s website or Facebook page.

Once I receive this information, I will validate your title/title year, and then get back with you.  Thank you again for putting in the effort to work your title and support your community whether local, regional or international.


Thunder in the Mountains